Using townland datasets in WME

Warning This page assumes that you are familiar with the layout of WME.

1. Check that you have the required scripts installed

To load in the datasets, we need to add a script to WME, created by the UK community coordinator, Timbones.

Please ensure that you have installed WME Geometries before continuing.

Go to WME Geometries on Greasyfork

2. Choose a dataset to download

From the list of counties on this page, choose the county that you are working on to view the datasets that are available for that county.

Choose a dataset to download, click its download button, and make a note of where it has been downloaded to.

If you are unsure about the differences between each variant of dataset, go to the Counties page to find out more.

3. Load the dataset into WME

3.1 Select the areas tab

3.2 Select your downloaded dataset
Underneath "Import Geometry File", click "Browse" and navigate to the dataset that you downloaded.

Screenshot of WME Geometries in WME

3.3 Wait for the dataset to load
Depending on your computer's performance, it may take a few seconds for the dataset to load. After it has loaded, you should see it added to the list under the "Browse" button.

Screenshot of WME Geometries in WME with Monaghan dataset loaded


Below are some common issues that editors run into when using these datasets.

Editor performance is poor after loading a dataset

Some things you can try to improve performance:

  • Choose a smaller variant of the dataset. The size of each county varies widely, so if a particular variant of a dataset worked fine for one county, but does not work well for a larger county, then you will have to use a more generalised, or less accruate variant.
  • Disable scripts that you are not using. This will lessen the load on the editor and may improve performance with a dataset loaded.
  • Ensure that you are only loading one dataset at a time. The datasets can be very large. Make sure that you are only loading one at a time. You can remove loaded datasets by clicking the "Clear All" button under the list of loaded files.

WME Geometries is not loading

Depending on your setup, sometimes the geometries script does not load with the rest of your scripts. To get around this, you can make a small edit to the script in Tampermonkey.

1. Open the script for editing. Find the script in the Tampermonkey menu in your browser toolbar when you have WME open, then click on the expand icon (a '+' symbol) next to the script's name, and choose edit in the menu that appears.

2. Change the last line of the script as below. Scroll to the bottom of the script and replace the line that contains

window.onload = geometries;

3. Save the changes. This can be done with 'CTRL/CMD + S' or by going to File > Save on the code editor.

4. Refresh WME. Reload WME so that the script changes are picked up.

If you are still having trouble, reach out for help in #editing on Waze IE Slack.